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Hello, I want to install exterior trim around replacement windows and have to somehow neatly cut the cedar shingles above the windows to fit the header. Please see the photo. Was wondering about how to cut 2-3 of shingles above the windows. I have tried grinder with a blade for masonry -- it doesn't cut wood much, mostly burns it. The grinder blades for wood would be too dangerous here, I think. Is a hand saw my best option? Would greatly appreciate any suggestion. Thanks and best wishes, h.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: COREY BARRETT (Bloomington, IN), 01/10/2019

Hard to tell what it is with that close up. Never seen one the bottom of the door like that. Looks like the type of sealed used on steel door jambs. It just pulls straight out and is held in place by what looks like a bees stinger. Any Lowes Or HD would have it.

- AUDREY SANTOS (Denver, CO), 02/12/2019

Should be removing the shingles, not cutting around them. A long fine tooth bimetal sawsall will reach up under the shingle to cut the nails. That trim will need a piece of Z mounding above it and a kick out installed and there's no way to do it with the shingles in the way. See that crooked cut on the right you made, how you going to fill that in once the trims in place? Your using the wrong tool and the wrong blade, need a ciruler saw with a wood cutting blade. Also looks like you may have cut that window tape to fit, with the shingles out of the way you would have the required 6 tape so it would cover the seam where the trim and the shingles meet to keep water out.

- THOMAS WILSON (Warwick, RI), 02/03/2019

Thanks for the responses. I think I will have to cut the shingles about 3 to make the header fit and have shingles above it and not underneath it, like the old trim. When I cut the shingles, I will be able to apply 6 flashing tape over the flanges. I couldn't find Z-molding to fit the windows, so I used roof edge flashing, which is almost like the Z-molding. Removing the upper row of shingles completely is really hard, because this is the last row of shingles that goes underneath the board that is actually part of the roof. Will try circular saw. Thanks again for suggestions. h.

- LISA MARTINEZ (Iowa City, IA), 02/05/2019

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