Forum Title: Remove storm window goo/glue/caulk from aluminum flashing?
I recently removed old storm windows on my home to install new replacement windows but, when the storm frames were pulled, the goo/glue/caulk (I don't know what it is) that sealed them to the flashing was left behind. It almost looks like some-kind of tape sealant that was pre applied to the storms before they were pressed/screwed into place. Goof off isn't working and I assume goo gone will remove the paint from the aluminum flashing. Any ideas what this stuff is and the best way to remove it? I dont want to have to reflash all the windows on the house because of some goop.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: DARRYL HALE (Richmond, CA), 01/04/2019

Odds are you have a taller than normal entry door (84 is common in older homes)...or it's old and the threshold really slopes. Sorry....not a lot you will be able to do (in my experience) except lower the storm door and add some wood at the top. Either that or use the door elsewhere or sell it and order a custom door. That would add about $75 to the off the shelf price as I remember. I used to sell these at HD and had it happen all the time. I'm not sure...but it seems like Andersen used to sell an extended sweep...but I don't think it would fill that gap.

- ERICA LUCAS (Logan, UT), 02/13/2019

When windows are clad with aluminum trim coil, it's pretty common for one side of the exterior blind stop to be left uncovered. So when the storm windows are removed, and the window is replaced, that bare wood is exposed to the elements and must be recovered... the whole window does not need to be ENTIRELY recovered, just a little stop cover has to be made to cover up that bare wood on the blind stop. That cap will also usually cover any caulking that's left behind. So if there is any bare wood showing that needs to be covered, I wouldn't worry about the caulk too much. Can't see your window from here so I'm just guessing how they did it.

- VICTOR PRICE (Lawrence, KS), 03/02/2019

@marksr That was the first thing I tried... it did not work. The goo is very old and stiff. @XSleeper there is no bare wood. I'm guessing the storm windows were added long after the house was sided and flashed. It is an outside overlap mount.

- CASSANDRA SWANSON (Oshkosh, WI), 02/16/2019

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